Looking back

There is a feeling you get when looking up to the stars. A mesmerizing, yet indescribable sense of what lies beyond. Sometimes it helps to clear the head as you get confronted with the fact that our blue marble, in comparison to the universe, is just another planet among trillions of others. But this blue marble is unique. This blue marble is the only planet we know of, where life exists and thrives. 

There is something called “The Overview Effect” – the feeling that astronauts have when looking at planet earth, realising how fragile it is. From out there, there are no borders, no conflicts, just the beauty of life. This feeling is something we as humans have embrace. We are not separated, not above, but all part of the same environment. It is time for us to realise that and act accordingly.

In the past months, we have been active in restructuring the initiative to make it future proof, hosted and were part of many online events, and continued to network. With this post, we want to give you a clearer picture of what we are doing and what our next steps are. 

After the dialogue, we sat together and discussed our approach. As our initiative initially started as a student project, we had to start thinking in the long-term. The first step to this is creating a Vision- and Mission-Statement. If you are curious, you can read them up here

Further, as we want to create an organisation out of our initiative, we started taking the necessary steps. However, we are currently stuck as we need seed capital to register. Currently, we are developing a business plan to ensure that our organisation will be future proof and does not run the risk of financial problems. 

These administrative tasks, however, will take up some more time. In the meantime, we were busy talking at multiple events. 

In July, we were invited to give a guest lecture at summer school talking about our process and advising them on some strategies that we followed. In October, we were invited to host a panel discussion with amazing speakers on the topic of “Getting children inspired in science and space!”. This discussion was part of the World Summit AI and streamed live to hundreds, if not thousands of visitors. Additionally, we were invited to be on the panel of “Advancing space law” hosted by The Futures Forum

And next to that, our team member and first spokesperson Chiara Moenter was part of the first-ever virtual Tedx Talks. Her talk will soon be uploaded to the official Tedx Channels and we are really excited for her and the opportunity. 

And there were many more… But it would take way too much time to list down every event here. In the future we will have a section on this website where you can find our upcoming talks and events. Be sure to check it out!

Lastly, we invested a great number of hours to connect to various experts in the field as well as astronauts and other people. We are in contact with a couple of renown personalities and are grateful to share our vision with them. We also made connections to multiple other organisations and some analogue astronaut missions. 

At this moment, we are continuing to expand our vision and spread awareness. But it takes time and a lot of effort. The team is currently struggling to keep investing the hours into the initiative and keep on studying next to it on the side. All of us underestimated the time investment. That does not mean that we want to stop what we are doing. We are more determined than ever, though we do need to develop a strategy that works for us. Therefore, stay tuned for the next post! 

Thank you for your continuous support. We will update you again very soon, so stay tuned. Space for All wishes you all the best! 

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