About us

We are a team of dreamers, thinkers, and doers. Having met in University, all of us share one vision – The sustainable use of outer space so that all of humanity can equally benefit. Meet us, the founders of Space For All.

Chiara Moenter (23), first spokesperson

My interest in space began with the Overview Effect, to bring the topic of space closer to people and create a collective sense of responsibility. With this initiative, I strive for an interdisciplinary approach – by collectively working on space protection bringing together different skills, we can make a change.

Corvin Illgner (25)

As a kid, I loved looking at the stars. It had something mesmerizing. My fascination and interest in space began at that time. Though, now I realise how much work needs to be done. Together as humanity, we can decypher wonders and ensure a sustainable use of space.

Lise Selles (26)

I have always been fascinated by outer space, but never realised its importance. It is my passion to work towards preventing and ending abuses of human rights, and I have now learned about the benefits space creates. That is why I want to fight for equality in space, and space for equality.

Luca Ike (25)

As there was always a huge interest in space, I got excited about working towards a new SGD for space. However, I never expected that this would even amplify this interest. With great ambitions and lots of dedication, I want to work towards achieving the goal of the protection of outer space.


The sustainable use of outer space so that all of humanity can equally benefit.


Creating more awareness about the importance of outer space protection, in order for it to be more prominently included on the global agenda.


Advocating for an extra SDG on space protection and sustainability.

Advocating for binding legal agreements.

Creating awareness amongst and connecting different sectors.