SDG 18 – Life in Space

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Outer Space on the UN Sustainable Development Agenda


Space exploration and research has given humanity many advantages in terms of technology and understanding about ourselves and our origin. These benefits will only increase in the future, not only in those domains, but space also holds economic opportunities. As the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are only focused on this planet, we found it important that more awareness should be given to space to tackle all problems that we currently face and that will hinder our development in the future.

The “SDG 18 – SPACE FOR ALL” initiative has the goal that another SDG, focusing on space, will be implemented in the very near future and that space is recognised on a global agenda. To get attention of the UN, we need your expertise and help. Find out how you can help below.

Act together!

Our team is working hard to accomplish our vision, but we need your help to create an impact. Connect to us and join our LinkedIn group. Together we can create an everlasting impact in our world!

Please also contact us if you have any feedback or questions regarding our initiative. We are more than happy to answer any inquiries. Together we can guarantee a safe and fair use of our world and outer space. Let’s act together now!

On May 11th, we held a UN75 Dialogue about this topic. This dialogue discussed the importance of space in our current times and in future, as well as the necessity to implement it on a global agenda, the current one or the next one. International experts discussed this topic in depth and gave their view about the situation. If you want to watch the dialogue and gain knowledge about space and if there is a need to put it on a global agenda, you can watch the recording of the dialogue here.


You can instantly see our current process under the News thread. Here you can track what we are working on and how far we currently are within our project. It gets updated regularly, so that you are not missing out on any new developmets.

About us

We are a team consisting of four international students, studying in the Netherlands. We are working on this initiative as all of us want the importance of space to be represented in a correct manner. If you have advice, or are interested in helping us, please do contact us. We are happy to hear from you.


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