The Aftermath

The UN75 Dialogue is over. What happens now? How will we follow up on the information we gained with this dialogue and what are our plans? This and more will be discussed in this update.

We are overwhelmed with the response we got after conducting the dialogue. From all sides we heard how well it was conducted, and that people are looking forward to what we want to do next. Honestly, when we first started this initiative we would have never thought that we would gain this much support within such a short time frame. For all of us, it was the first time to organise and hold an online discussion. Recieving such positive responses afterwards makes the whole preparation time worthwhile. For the dialogue 300 people registered, from which nearly 200 followed the event live. From all of us, thank you all for participating and asking questions. You are part of the reason why it went as smoothly as it did.

The first change we got out of this dialogue is that we changed the name of the proposed Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) from originally “SDG 18: Life in Space” to “SDG 18: Space for all“.

What is next?
After the dialogue we made a planning concerning the short-term and long-term planning. For now, we will analyse what has been said during the UN75 Dialogue and extract the outcomes. With our findings, we will write the report to the UN. It will be delivered at the end of May. If you want to help us with this report, please consider joining our LinkedIn group ( as we are planning to ask questions concerning the report there.

But we don’t want to stop there. That is just the first step. And after recieving so much great feedback, we want to push this further until we and all of us eventually succeed. We are continuing to widen our network and spread the message across the globe to attract more and more people to join this movement. Further, we have contacted multiple media companies and some of them are intersted in sharing our story. For now, we made it in the local newspapers of Zwolle, where our headquarter is situated. And we are planning and appearing in many more!

In the next post, we will inform you about the outcomes and the main take aways of the dialogue. If you don’t want to miss out on any new developments, click the subscribe button under the news thread. Until then, a very warm goodbye!

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