Looking at the battlefield

It is now the end of March. We still have problems coping with the current situation, much like the rest of the world. What did we do so far and what are our next steps?

We started looking at the whole picture, at the whole field. Everybody that we currently contacted and those that are still on our list are players that can help us to succesfully implement our initiative. We lined them up and linked each player in terms of connections and importance with each other. This is necessary to have a focus on which main “hubs” we should focus on, as they have connections to the rest.

Mapping the players not only helps us to gain an overview on the connections, it is also the first step to creating a network which we will connect and use to push the common goal of an SDG 18 – Life in Space forward.

Currently, we are in contact with the facilitator of the UN dialogues. This way we may have the opportunity to facilitate a discussion with interested players about our initiative, and may have a chance to get our idea on the discussion table of the UN. We will keep you posted about further developments regarding this. In the meantime, you can scroll through our website and find out why the Sustainable Development Goal 18 – Life in Space is essential in the modern times.

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