David versus Goliath

Covid-19, the coronavirus pandemie has not only shut down everyday life, it also has huge implications on our initiative. Find out why:

For weeks the only thing you hear in the media is the coronavirus pandemie. A global threat the likes of which modern humankind has never faced before. Events are cancelled, gatherings are postponed, lockdowns are in place, the world is freaking out. We want to say our condolences to anyone who has lost someone in this difficult times.

For our initiative, the current times have immense problematic implications. All the events that we wanted to attend, to promote our endeavor and to network with possible players, were cancelled or postponed to a point that is too far in the future. As we already experienced a lower response rate if we would contact players online, we are now struggling to find more of the right contacts. We are also having troubles promoting our initiative to the right channels.

Therefore, we need you again to open the doors for us. If you have any contacts that might be intersted in our initiative, please send them straight to us.

Now we work on identifying solution to cope with the current situation to still push this endeavor forward, as although the world faces a bigger problem currently, the issue of the vulnerability of space will not disappear.

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